Our Coalition

SignVote Coalition members are made up of diverse organizations within the deaf communities.

As Coalition Members, these organizations officially support SignVote’s movement and will partner with CSD in efforts to make the 2020 election accessible in ASL. Membership should not be viewed as endorsement of the material shared. The SignVote Coalition aims to foster healthy political discourse and to boost deaf communities’ voting power.

The National Association of the Deaf

The National Association of the Deaf (NAD) is the nation’s premier civil rights organization of, by, and for deaf and hard of hearing people in the U.S.

Deaf Professional Arts Network

Deaf Professional Arts Network (DPAN) transforms how the world views inclusion and accessibility for Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals through arts, media, and live entertainment. 

Council De Manos

Council de Manos believes in empowering Latinx DDBDDHHLD through social justice awareness and through the preservation of culture, values, and heritage.

[Logo Image description of the Council de Manos logo: Open palm hand-print in red (centered left). On the palm of the hand is the “circle of life” (spiral) symbol.]

[Descripción de la Imagen del logotipo de Council de Manos: la palma de la mano abierta, huella de la mano en rojo (centrado a la izquierda). En la palma de la mano está el símbolo del “circulo de la vida” (espiral).]

Deaf Queer Resource Center

The Deaf Queer Resource Center (DQRC) is a national nonprofit organization for, by and about the Deaf Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer communities.

DEAF, Inc.

DEAF, Inc strives to Empower, raise Awareness, and bridge a sustainable Foundation of communication and equal access to both the DDBHHLD and the hearing communities in the St. Louis metro area.


RIT/NTID creates the most powerful, successful network of deaf and hard-of-hearing professionals in the world. Join us and help move the world forward.

Deaf Women United

Deaf Women United (DWU) is a national organization dedicated to the empowerment, advocacy, and education of Deaf* Women from all walks of life.

Gallaudet University

Gallaudet is the go-to source of knowledge about the deaf and signing community – a hub of history, achievement, and inspiration. But we are even more than that. We’re a University that teaches and transforms like nowhere else. Connect. Discover. Influence.


The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Consumer Advocacy Network (DHHCAN is a coalition of stakeholders invested in the accessibility needs of the deaf and hard of hearing community.

National Black Deaf Advocates

National Black Deaf Advocates promote the leadership development, economic and educational opportunities, social equality, and safeguard the general health and welfare of Black deaf and hard of hearing people.


TDI shapes America’s public policy in telecommunications, media, and information technology to advance the interests of all people who are deaf, hard of hearing, late-deafened, deafblind, and deaf-plus.


ASLized innovates and produces authentic resources in American Sign Languages with a commitment to linguistics, literature and education.