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About SignVote

SignVote is about bringing people and ideas together, to share issues, and to create a space where members of the deaf and hard of hearing community learn why we should register to vote and the importance of your choice to vote.

We invite you to join this effort and share information about:

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How to register to vote

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How important to you is this year’s election? Do you plan to be a part of history? We want to know.

Voting Information and Resources

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Supporters of #SignVote

We welcome all organizations that are led by and advocate for the deaf, deaf-blind, hard of hearing, and deaf with disabilities.
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Why should I vote?

We as a community recently celebrated the 26th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The issues highlighted by various organizations and people in our Deaf community show that there are still challenges to overcome.

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Voting is the right upon which all other rights depend.Thomas Paine