Oct. 2nd: A Heated Debate, The Electoral College and More!

October 2, 2020

Vee-Vee the Latest SignVote News

October 2nd, 2020

In this week’s round-up we cover stories from the Convo, DPAN.TVThe Daily Moth, The NAD, and more!

Quick steps to prepare your vote

Watch The Daily Moth’s recap of last night’s controversial debate. It was certainly an event to remember!

Voting in a Pandemic

What is the Electoral College? Do your votes count in it? The NAD explains!

Biden Addresses Wildfires

Last week, Kriston participated in Convo’s Hangout with a group of political activists. See what they had to talk about!

Trump Addresses Wildfires

This week, Joseph Lewis covered Mail-In Ballots and Ruth Bader Ginsberg in The Daily Moth’s election coverage.

Debate and Panel

The AAPD just released a report addressing how COVID-19 impacts the disability vote.

Check it out below!

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Behind the Government Doors

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