An Important Announcement from SignVote

April 17, 2020

An Important Message from SignVote

As you might have noticed, we’ve been a little quiet over the last few months. Like you, something big and deadly has claimed our attention. Watch the video below to find out what our team has been doing during this time and what’s coming up.

For more information on COVID-19 visit CSD’s deaf-friendly resources.

Video Description

A light-skinned black man wearing a dark purple sweater, signs in front of a plain white background. He explains what has happened to the SignVote campaign over the last few months. At 2:18, the screen splits in half to reveal the SignVote logo.


Just want to take the opportunity to share with you some updates regarding SignVote. I know we have been quiet for a while now. But before I go on, I want to recognize all the deaf community members out there who have been actively involved and committed to the 2020 election thus far. It’s been so important and will continue to be important.

From around January/February until now, the devastating Coronavirus has impacted many people. CSD strongly believes we must contribute what we have we have – our time, energy, resources, and even our skillsets – towards supporting our communities. Our vast amount of resources should be tailored and adapted to support this effort. How? Well, one of the things we’ve done is create a Coronavirus resource page on our website. Secondly, we established ASL Now Coronavirus Hotline with the purpose of supporting those within our communities that need additional information, those who may be confused or simply need further clarification get connected to trained representatives fluent in ASL to learn more. The third thing we’ve done is to launch the Unites Foundation micro-grant program as an Emergency Response grant to support our deaf nonprofits either severely impacted by coronavirus or seeking additional support and resources to better support their communities. CSD believes it is critical that we seriously focus on this. SignVote is currently on hold until we are able to streamline this effort so we can once again resume this campaign. We will continue to communicate and update you all here.

Until then, it’s important that we stay involved and remain aware of what’s going on regarding the election. You can do this by following The Daily Moth, Sign1News or other news outlets for more information.

Most importantly, stay home, stay safe, and stay connected!

SignVote alternative logo signing vote in ASL with one hand blue and the other hand red.

About SignVote

Our mission is to inform and engage deaf communities about elections by developing and sharing resources in ASL.

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