Accessibility and Activism Go Hand in Hand

June 15, 2020

Accessibility and activism go hand in hand. “If we lift up those who are oppressed, that is a win for us all.” – Kriston Pumphrey talks to the crowd at Detroit Disability Power’s BLM protest.

Video Description

Kriston signing in front of a crowd in downtown Detroit, Michigan.


I want to share a bit about the Black Deaf community. This is a vulnerable community, truly. We are the last ones to know what’s happening. We need people to step up and provide accessibility, so we can know what’s going on. We need people to step up and include us. They need to invite us to the table, so we can discuss our needs. I know when we elevate those most oppressed, that’s a win for us all. 


SignVote alternative logo signing vote in ASL with one hand blue and the other hand red.

About SignVote

Our mission is to inform and engage deaf communities throughout the 2020 election by developing and sharing resources in ASL.


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