Voting During a Pandemic

August 14, 2020

How concerned are you about voting in person during this pandemic?

Video Description

An animated introduction with shapes and text says: Community Pulse, then Kriston is in a purple shirt and in front of a white background, and he’s signing the question below in the transcript.


Since the coronavirus pandemic began, many things have become challenging. I’m curious, regarding traditional, in-person voting, are you concerned or not so much? I’m curious how you feel.


“Going if I have to wear my military gas mask!!! Nothing but death would keep me from going into the poll! I will not give him the opportunity to not count my ballot by stealing the Post Office! #Vote”

“I’ll vote in a hazmat suit if I have to.”

“I’m not concerned about voting in person. It takes me a few minutes to wait in line. I’m lucky living in small town.”

“I am pretty worried about it – I hope they have good safety measures in place by then.”

How concerned are you about voting in person during this pandemic?

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